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By using our services, you agree to the entirety of this Terms and Conditions of Service agreement.

Aeration and Power Raking aka Dethatching: It is solely the customers responsibility to remove debris, obstacles, along with marking sprinkler heads or other hidden objects in the service area prior to the arrival of Ez Aeration, LLC. Ez Aeration, LLC is not responsible for damage to any unmarked objects within the service area.

Sprinkler Winterization: Ez Aeration, LLC will use compressed air to remove most water from the internal sprinkler water valve down line. Water valves can leak over time so it is the customers responsibility to check periodically throughout the winter to ensure no water accumulates in the pipes. Ez Aeration, LLC gives no warranty or guarantee that any line will not freeze or cause damage.

Payment for Services: Payment for services provided is to be made within 7 days of the date of service. If payment is delinquent by 30 days, interest will compound monthly at 25% a year starting at the time of service.

Transfer: This agreement and the rights and obligations of Ez Aeration, LLC may be subcontracted, assigned, or transferred, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the property owner.

Liability: Both Parties agree to indemnify and hold harmless the other party for any and all liability, loss, or damage that may occur as a result of services being provided.

Contact information: Ez, Aeration, LLC - (303)719-0944 -

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